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Matt Scott: Superstar!

Matthew Scott was born with two hearts, a condition that endowed the toddler with the strength of a fully grown man. While traveling in the sideshow of a small circus, the four year old strongman was "discovered" by Hollywood agent Oscar Sherman who landed Matt the starring role in the Disney film "THE WORLD'S STRONGEST BOY", followed by a long-running television show of the same name. He continued to tour as a headliner with the Ringling Bros./Barnum and Bailey Circus. This was followed by a phenomenal but brief recording career as a teenage pop idol. At age 17 he left the Disney fold and starred in a number of motion pictures before his career was derailed by health problems. His hearts began to beat out of synchronization, eventually landing Matt in a life-support device with a projected six months to live. Dr. Wendall Pomeroy, a scientist spearheading a failed top-secret military program to create a super-soldier believed that Matt, with his double hearts and expanded circulatory system, was the perfect subject to revive the program. PROJECT PULSAR invented a process that supercharged the subject's metabolism, increasing his strength, stamina, reflexes and senses. Unfortunately, all of the test subjects had died, prematurely aging due to their hyper metabolisms. Pomeroy was right, and Matt began a new career - - as a super hero.

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