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Vanguard: Ethereal Warriors
Savage Dragon #s 145-149, 151-159
Ethrian pin-up

Ethrian - the Ethereal Warrior!

Centuries ago, a great civilization flourished on the distant planet Ethra. Now Ethra is old and tired, a planet of impoverished farmers scrabbling to eke a living from the depleted soil. When a vast armada of warships from the Torkian Empire arrived to enslave the planet, a youth named Galian escaped their clutches and entered the one place on the planet where he might find a weapon to fight back: a gigantic ancient tower dating back to ancient times. A mysterious stranger there offered such a weapon: a round glass lens, that when placed upon his forehead flooded Galien with limitless power tapped from the very core of the planet itself, transforming Galian into the Ethereal Warrior ETHRIAN. But does he control the power or does it control him?

Vanguard: Ethereal Warriors cover
Ethrian promo art
Unpublished Ethrian #1 cover
Triad Magazine cover featuring Ethrian
Ethrian splash page from Savage Dragon
Ethrian back cover from Megaton number 3